New JillStream is up!

You can check out my comic book brand. It is on Indiegogo right now. We're crowdfunding very thankful for the support that has gotten over 28,000 for the second book, which is called Way of the Gun. And we've got what we call the hall of Fame package. And if you're looking on my profile, you see this kind of sinister looking guy with the cane and the gold teeth. He is Fame who we introduced in the first book of the series

My podcast the JillStream airs live every Wednesday and Friday at 6 PM EST. Come hang out in the chat!

Todd Mitchell
@Todzilla · 1:16

Great to connect!

My favorite villain is Magneto of all time. I still love that stuff. So this is actually really cool. And this is the kind of stuff that got me into podcasting. I'm over on the game development side now, but very nice to see when devoted people are into this, and it sounds like you're doing great. So welcome them