Sahil Mudgal

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I am all yours…

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"…Eyes are not meant for tears and heart is not meant for fear. Never get upset, always cheer. As you are the ones who can make me spine for yours.…"

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Michael Slade

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"…That was really pretty. I like I love poetry and poems like that, but I loved it because it was like a genuine reminder of smile more. Because I feel like we do have more power over our emotional states than we think we do, instead of running from them or reacting out of them. Sometimes just thinking about what's the priority and how do I prioritize my happiness? But thank you so much for this post because it was a sweet reminder. Thanks.…"

Sahil Mudgal

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"…Thank you very much. Fresh lates. And I'm so grateful to you that you have been through my post, and I really appreciate that. You know, you have posted a sweet comment on my swell cast. So, yeah, stay tuned, and I'll be posting more stuff like this. Okay? All right, thank you. Bye.…"


I am all yours…

@iamsahilmudgal · 2mo ago · 0:40


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