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Sudha Varadarajan
@sudha · 0:44

Do you know why it is called Coca-Cola

The cocaine was derived from the Coca leaf and the caffeine from Cola, not leading to the name Coca Cola. I just thought that was absolutely fascinating


Howie Rubin
@Howie · 1:02
So naturally, we planned to figure out what the 40 new engineers were going to show these guys. And we were working very late. And as it would be, someone mentioned in the discussion was around 12:00 at night. Is who the h*** decided that they had to take the Coke out of Coke? And how did they do it? It was about an hour's conversation full of a good laugh. Bye
Izzy S-L
@Izzy · 1:08
I'm really intrigued, and I'm definitely going to research it more because I'm curious if this relates to the war on drugs that occurred and how it impacted communities versus companies, because I know that I understand other war on drugs and how it impacted communities, especially low income communities and communities of color, especially like Latinx communities and black communities, had a really negative impact and put a lot of people behind bars. But I'm curious how it impacted Coca Cola differently or if it impacted Coca Cola