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A phone call, he shouldn’t have taken

article image placeholderWatch: Delhi Doctor Got Covid Shot Without Telling Wife; Here
Hey, swell. Dr. K-K-A. Garwal, an eminent doctor from Delhi, has been the talk of the town reason he decided to take his wife's call when he was live on television, probably thinking it will be a brief one. This one turned out to be addressing down in full public view, thanks to the channel that he was live on, his wife was hopping mad that he went ahead and took the COVID vaccine all by himself. He should have taken her along


Deborah Pardes
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It's like a corner of the world who would have thought that I could be lying in bed in Los Angeles and see this funny scene play out? It makes me think about just how crazy the times are we're living in, but also how the universality of June sort of just the little fights between human beings. It's like it's so basic. It doesn't matter what language, what era, anything. He's p*****
Shahnaz Ahmed
@bookishpodcast · 1:10
Okay. That video was so funny. It's like, oh, my gosh. So I have a couple questions. So okay. So he was apparently live on TV. It was just because we what threw me off is when they said this was recorded while he was being live on TV and the frame, it's like he was being live on his phone and he's in the car and he's on TV