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Taylor J
@Taylor · 1:07

A Geography of Who Hates Who | The Daily Show

article image placeholderA Geography of Who Hates Who | The Daily Show
I hope there's gives you a laugh. Sometimes we need to watch stuff like this just so that we could look at ourselves and say we got to do a little bit better

https://youtu.be/EWX0bbGAd0k what do you think about this @MichaelHilliard 😂

Michael Hilliard
@MichaelHilliard · 1:56

Loved the peice

Some of these wars go for centuries and centuries and centuries. And yes, he's right. Turkey is involved in almost every single one of them. You can always rely on the Turks to start a fight somewhere. The only person I think you started more fights to be the British who Funnily enough. I think last time I looked, it was like one country every two days as a national holiday, celebrating their leaving the British Empire on average, which I think is absolutely amazing