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Taylor J
@Taylor · 1:07
A Geography of Who Hates Who | The Daily Show

https://youtu.be/EWX0bbGAd0k what do you think about this @MichaelHilliard 😂

Sudha Varadarajan
@sudha · 0:44
Do you know why it is called Coca-Cola


Ramya V
@Ramya · 0:09
What is the lamest joke you know?

The best kind of jokes are the lame ones!

All things Indian
@Inditalk · 0:26
Cupid 19 shot for Valentine’s Day

https://bit.ly/2MSGbNN #india

Ramya V
@Ramya · 1:43
Superstars Mix-up!

Get your facts right!

Ramya V
@Ramya · 1:29
Insanely Indian!

Stuff you'd only come across in Indian homes!

All things Indian
@Inditalk · 0:25
Work out shall go on: coup or no coup


Ramya V
@Ramya · 0:16
How many Indian capital city names can you recall in a minute?

#60secondschallenge No Google Search, please!

All things Indian
@Inditalk · 0:55
A phone call, he shouldn’t have taken