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@Humaira · 0:53

My First Swell

Hello, everyone. This is Mera, and this is my first recording on Swell. I really don't know much about this app, but I'm learning this app. I am uploading this audio just for testing things. I'm not a pro, actually. I'm just a beginner. So I've been listening to so many spellcasters on this app, and I'm really enjoying their experiences. And I'm going to upload my experiences is about some things also and keep tracking my profile. Okay?

#sayitonswell #myfirstswell college voice india

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Aishani Chatterjee
@Aishani · 0:17
Hey humaira welcome on as well. And yeah, I'm glad that you came across this platform and you know, exploring it so yes, I'll definitely be waiting to hear more from you. So yeah, welcome once again
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