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News Report: It takes $96,000.00 per year to live comfortably (single home) in 2024

But for wages, I don't know, you know, what it's gonna take for us to really move on this, but they're not gonna move on this kind of stuff until we really show ourselves serious about stuff and us just complaining and saying we don't like it is not enough for this congress anymore. It takes some kind of drastic measure. And I'm not talking about insurrection measure. We don't want to go that far. But we could do a march

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If a business can afford to exist, because it's not simply a gradual change, it's like everyone must get paid this amount of money. And so then you would have to have immediate changes happening within a business, right? Or those at the top who are making ridiculous amounts of money. They're not the types that are going to let go of it, and they really have a strong influence on Congress, from lobbying to maybe personal relationships and so on with Congress members, etcetera
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No, I wasn't saying, like to do a march in order to get 96 6000, but I was saying to do a march for us to have more livable wages. For example, when I graduated from teaching or when I graduated for my degree in teaching back in 2007, the really bottom tier of starting pay was around 39,000. Today, in 2024, the starting pay is around the same. It's about 39,000. Sometimes they're even going lower than that to 34,000, sometimes 32