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I Wonder What It Would Be Like If I ….

I wonder what it would be like if I was really good looking and had the applause of others to where I'd walk into a room and people just gravitated towards me just because of my looks alone. I wonder what it would be like to be straight rather than gay. I wonder what it would be like to earn a livable wage. I wonder what it would be like to have a lot of friends. I wonder what it would be like to have a partner

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We always seem to want what’s just out of reach—until we get it.

I lived in an apartment, and I turned it over and over in my mind how much this bracelet costs, and thought, you know, it was a $500 bracelet. And I was just like, you know what? It's not worth it for me to dig through that garbage for $500. I'm not sure I'd feel like that now
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And at least maybe if I would have had somebody to help me navigate through that life would have been a lot different. I mean, I was just a freaking disaster in my teen years. Just no clue. I mean, there's one story, 1st 1st date and I'm supposed to go to this girl's house and she asked me to go out to the movies
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You know, so some things that I don't have to wonder about is that man, I do have some amazing children, some amazing maternal children and extended children. It's just a blessing to be able to experience them in their lives. So thank you for that. And I have been blessed to no longer wonder what it feels like to find what some would define as I do define as my twin flame. So that is not a wonder anymore. Good question. Good question
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Because if the parents say, yes, that's a nice dress, you're supposed to say, like, oh, yes, she looks so beautiful. Oh, your daughter. You know what I mean? So it seems like, you know, you missed all the social cues, but I see where you're coming from and. Oh, no, man. The thing about life sometimes is even when you have most of what you want, there are always problems to worry about
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We're supposed to come forward with our feelings, our emotions first, but we're the ones that aren't as mature as they are. That's putting a lot on someone who's less mature to put all those things on that less mature person. That doesn't make sense to me. So anyway, that's where I was at. I was very rebellious teenager once I started to kind of see how things were
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You know, I do myself kind of wonder about it how that whole dynamic how life would be different you know because the way my niece explained it she said like well it would, the behavior in the mindset in the society would more it would fall more in line with the female mindset the agenda and just how women kind of view things like money and work, sex, romance the more the entire society would like would fall in line with that. So I don't know. She raised some good points