Michael Ehrenberg
@HeyCoach · 3:33

I’m a man of colors!

But I just am always kind of stunned by my experience and how I was raised and my father was a very much a presence in our community. And when he passed away, I was blown away by the number of people that came from just an incredible rainbow of colors. I mean, there were people from every community. He was a very active person and connected with the black ministers and the churches in San Antonio and the Latin community. So that was represented in full swing at his funeral

Go for what’s different

Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:52

True colors ;) #vulnerability #diversity #love

Oh, Michael, if I didn't know you, I'd want to seriously, that was such a great from your your yutz, your belly conversation and think these are times when we are trying to find the soft pillow to land on and hold hands with everybody. And it's this sense of wanting to be graceful and wanting to be open and wanting to be held by each other with a great amount of curiosity and love and wonder and to hold our fragility around this
phil spade
@Phil · 1:46

#colors #cultures

I think a lot of people right now are very scared to even be remotely considered a racist. And to compensate for that, they say, Well, I don't see colors, but the way you mentioned, you know, well, I do see color, and I embrace it. And I think that's just such a healthy outlook. And I would like to think that I do the same. And I love learning new cultures. And I love learning new approaches to life