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El toque espanol

Last week we talked about basic things like my name is I am Maiyamo, which means my name is or I call myself and Soy, which is I am. So there are many ways to say the same thing that's the beauty of Spanish is that it's a very flexible language. So today we're going to do just a couple of quick exercises


phil spade
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Hola El Toke Como ESTA losiento Ablo UN Poco Espanol Buena's note is I think one one of the reasons I never took to Spanish, and I think I took one day of it before dropping. It was because of the flexibility. I'm very left brained. So I get caught up in exactly what you say is, I'm like, Well, isn't this the way you say it? Doesn't the subject come here than the verb?
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Here is a recap of what I just learnt from today's lesson, but if I'm not getting any of them right, I must say losing to Hola Salut cobalt burnout. Snocches burnout, Diaz Gracias
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Welcome to Swell!

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Gracia said, okay, I am really enjoying these lessons. Astor Louego, or as an Ali Shadenga would say, Astor, Lavesta, baby
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Gracias altoque la Ciento, that I'm so late. I didn't write down what you were talking about, but it was. It's so great. Your point is so well taken about just being flexible and diving in and not being embarrassed. I used to know a lot of Spanish, and I forgot a lot of it. So this is going to be really good for me. Miami Bora. Okay