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E Toque Espanol

And once again, to make yourself not to go too crazy. Remember that certain words in English are used very differently in the United States, South Africa, Ireland, Australia, and many other countries. So don't get too bogged down by it. Now. I also want to say, how would you say my name is? So you could say it two ways you could say me, which means I call myself or soy, which means I am

Learning spanish

Deborah Pardes
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Okay, so let me see if I can do this. Miyamo. Deborah Yo is I two. Is you USTires? Is you plural. Sotros is we. I know that. But I forget half my pronunciation. We didn't learn soy, did we? I know soy from somewhere. What's? Sorry. Again. This is good. I hope everybody repeats what they learn. This is the whole cool thing about this is we can repeat
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This is great - thanks!

Miyamo Irish, Soy, Irish
Shammi Mohamed
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Miami Soy Shammi Yo, two Ustedes Nosotros grasses
Bowie Rowan
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Naamo Rachel, soy Rachel, Yo, Ustedes two Nosotros gracious
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Welcome to Swell!

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Miyamo Sreeja? Soy Sreeja? Yo two EOS Nasatros austeres brassias