Hessel van Oorschot
@hessel · 1:28

Just a thought for Swell .. Function to add pre-recorded audio.

article image placeholderPre-recorded audio in Swell?
So here's a thought. I represent 500 independent artists on a platform. The platform is a fair trade music as a service platform. It's called Tribe of Noise. And if I would like to to pitch an artist to you, the only thing I can do with Swell, right? Is to keep my microphone on my mobile phone, close to my laptop and play you a song like this, by the way, that's Kyle Cox and on Tribe of Noise. Com

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Arish Ali
@arish · 0:53

@hessel - yes, that’s on our roadmap to consider for a future release.

Hi Hessel, that's a good physician and it has been requested by other users of the platform as well. It is something on our roadmap. We do plan to add the feature where you can add audio directly, not to having to only record as well as being able to do other kind of effects and things with audio as well. So this is something that will come in our platform a bit later on
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