Yesenia Fernandez

@Her_Revolucion·5mo ago·4:30

Pre-Burnout Reminder

Mental WellnessNotes to SelfHealth

"…It's actually not a bad thing to do that, to realize that and when to say no, especially when it comes to other folks, other spaces where a lot of people are not even attempting to want to health their inner traumas, or maybe they don't even think there's such thing. And so you then have to carry that. And I think that it's really not fair when you have to carry that and show up for family, your home. You're burnt out now.…"

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Deborah Pardes

@DBPardes · 5mo ago · 0:31

"…Hey. Timing perfect. I heard this. I received it. I want to thank you for your direct message to me. I'll I'll receive it as that it's really good to have boundaries, to understand the pernicious effects of burnout and not let them affect you and catch it before it hits. And self care is not radical. It's important, and it helps you care for others. I really appreciate your ask of us. I fully received. Thank you.…"


J Wang

@jsmwang · 5mo ago · 0:29

"…Wow. Thank you for this reminder. I really needed it. And yeah, as someone who has burnt out many times and feel like I've learned to not do that again and end up doing it again, it's a great reminder to catch yourself before it happens and to bring that awareness to your life of how much energy you're giving other people and how much energy you're giving to yourself. Yeah. Lovely message. Thank you.…"


Kim M

@kimestryarts · 5mo ago · 0:47

"…In addition to the beautiful message, I just want to acknowledge the beautiful sounds of the birds in the background. I think it was such a great accompaniment to what you were saying. I think as we mature, we get more clear about what our boundaries are, and it gets easier to avoid burnout because we just know ourselves so well.…"


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