Adam Goldstein
@HenryOlson · 1:32

Ain’t that SWELL? ⬅️😂😂😂

So I'm doing this swell thing. What's up, guys? It's me, Henry Olsen, and I'm going to be starting my own Henry Olsen podcast soon, but I figured I'd join the Swelling, and I just wanted to say that give a shout out out to Opie Radio from Opie Radio podcast out there. He's actually the reason I joined Swell is because I wanted to just say what's up and kind of see what kind of content he was posting on there

Pork chops and applesauce #opieradio @opieradio

Taylor J
@Taylor · 0:19
Hey, Henry Olsen, looking forward to hearing more about your own podcast. You pretty much got me as a listener because I love the photo for your profile. It gave me a good Hardy laugh, so, yeah, keep me in the loop. I'd love to know more
Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:10

Swellcasts for Podcasts. Cut off the end but you get it:)

It's all about Stream Beans, and then people go, yeah, I heard that episode. It was awesome. I love Stream Beans in the description of that swell conversation, you could link to that specific episode, whether it's it's or Google or whatever. So it's a really perfect way to have true engagement people to get really involved with what you're saying. And I'll certainly keep a shout out and look for you and
Andrew Jacques
@swolllow · 0:32

This will help me alot

I have to say I feel like this app is going to help me grow with speaking. So that way I can do a podcast on various subjects, which I decide I would also love to collab with anybody on here that's willing to get together and have a conversation that other people could listen to. I thank you
Robyn .
@Robyn · 0:20
Hi Henry. I just wanted to chime in and say that I absolutely am obsessed with podcasts and especially ones that have to do with humor has really been getting me through this pandemic time, so definitely keep us posted on that cause I would love to check it out
Sreeja V
@Wordsmith · 0:14


Hi, Henry. Look forward to listening to your podcast soon and look forward to a lot of humor, laughter and anything interesting that comes our way. Thank you