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Bowie Rowan

 · 2yr ago · 1:27

Hello World! Say "Hi" to the Global Swell Community in Your Language

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"…Hello World. This is Bowie senior producer at Swell. Swell is truly a global community, and we want to hear from all of you all over the world. English is my first language, but I also know a few other languages, so I want to also say Olamundo, Hello, Velcro and Diagnosis Donhanda. I'm currently based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but I've also lived in New York City, Edinburgh, Scotland, San Francisco.…"

My name is Bowie! Learn a little about me & how to start using Swell.


Bowie Rowan

@bowie · 2yr ago · 0:47

How to Reply & start your own Swell conversation

"…So you have a few options for introducing yourself here on Swell. You can reply to me in this Swell conversation by hitting that plus icon and choosing Reply, or you can go back to this open in Hello World Swell Cast, select the plus button and choose to start a new Swell conversation in the Hello World Swell Cast. So say, for example, you're from Russia, and you want to say Hello and introduce yourself in Russian and talk to other people who speak Russian.…"

omar fofana

@omsin · 2yr ago · 1:10

Greetings from The Gambia

"…It is a pleasure to meet you and hope we can keep in touch and know more about each product. I do speak with a language different from English, but English is our official language in the Gambia here, but we have other local language that we spoke different from English, but English is our official language so I can speak English is my first language with you. It is a pleasure to meet you. How is the weather in the United States.…"


Mark Smithivas

@msmithivas · 2yr ago · 1:18

"…But yeah, I've been fortunate to talk and meet with people all around the world. I primarily am on Twitter, and I host audio rooms on Twitter spaces. I've also jumped into clubhouse rooms, and now I found swell and it is going swell so far. I'm really looking forward to creating on here because I do podcasts essays, and I want to collaborate with other creatives and writers to see what we can Cook up using audio. So glad to be here and have a great day.…"


Pedro Souza Pinto

@Pedro_Souza · 2yr ago · 3:04

"…Unfortunately, I also love cinema movies, and I've been studying it for some time now, and I hope someday maybe I can put together those two passions and maybe write about movies in cinema. I don't know. Well, I hope you are all very well through this pandemic. Unfortunately, as I told you, I'm in Brazil and today we had the worst day in this pandemic, other biggest number of deaths. So it's not a good time to be a Brazilian nowadays.…"


Bowie Rowan

@bowie · 2yr ago · 1:15

@Pedro_Souza Check out @writing @Movies @film @NealD @books

"…Hi, Pedro. It's so wonderful to hear you and to meet you. Thank you so much for sharing about your interests and where you are. And I just want to say your English is amazing. I understood absolutely everything you said. So I also wanted to say, I'm so sorry to hear about the situation in Brazil. This has been such a heartbreaking and grief filled year for all of us around the world. And so my heart just goes out to you.…"


Baaji shayeed Shaik

@baajishaik · 2yr ago · 0:17

#hello everyone

"…Hello, everybody. This is Baajishaik Shaik from India. I live in us right now. This is how you say Hello, everybody. In my mother tongue, Telugu.…"


Ale Xmia

@Alexmia · 2yr ago · 2:24

"…So it's really crazy times, I think and I'm from Slovakia. So my major language is Slovakia. English is the language I'm using in work. So I think it is also on a quite good level on it. I used to learn German. I'm trying to still use it for some time, but it's not the same as English. So I will say just something in my language and then I can try maybe German for you. So this is Slovak Alexisi Valenza.…"


Teemu (Tembus) Miettinen

@potkukelkkacom · 2yr ago · 1:33

Moi! Terve! Greetings from Finland / España

"…So I'm going to tell you how to say Hi in Finnish in few ways. A very common way is to say Moi. That is like, high. Also, what we use is Terre terbe. That's a funny word, because it means, well finish. Some people say that it's the most difficult language in the world. They are probably right. I don't know. But anyway, they have two words, how to greet people in Finnish language, Moi.…"


Drew Semenov

@andys · 2yr ago · 3:12

"…So my native language is Russian. I also love English. I've been studying this language for all my life. I also studied French, but this language is difficult for me to understand the grammatical rules, but I adore the sound of French words. So in Russian language, we say Hello like this is informal version of world. Hello. Also, we have polite version. I know it's very hard to understand. Spell this word for English person who speaks English because of the sound.…"


Pedro Souza Pinto

@Pedro_Souza · 2yr ago · 1:32


"…This conversation just reminds me of a vacation trip I took to Sweden mosque, and when I got there, I realized English wouldn't be enough because although everybody there speaks good English, the restaurants around the hotel, they didn't have the menu in English, so I had to sit on a computer for like 2 hours to learn the most common food names in Swedish, which I learned to read. But it took me, like more than a week to realize I was pronouncing all the names wrong.…"


Bowie Rowan

@bowie · 2yr ago · 0:39

@Alexmia Check out @sports @books @tidyingtheshelf @Movies

"…I'll link some accounts here that you've may want to check out for sure, and I'm really excited to talk with you more and get to know you through conversation here on as well.…"


Bowie Rowan

@bowie · 2yr ago · 1:05

@potkukelkkacom Tschüss! Dia dhuit! Adiòs!

"…I had to look it up really quickly because I wanted to make sure I set it correctly. So diagnose essentially means God be with you. So I love how learning in other languages what Greetings or Hello means can often do with good health or God being with you. It's really interesting. So thank you for giving us a bit of a finished lesson, Moemoy, and also Adios.…"


Bowie Rowan

@bowie · 2yr ago · 0:32

@andys Russian is beautiful! @build @health @Markrfitness @spotlight

"…Pivot. Ed Rasta. Okay. I definitely got the last one wrong, but I think I think I'm doing pivot pretty. Okay, right. Thank you for teaching me a little bit of Russian. That's amazing. And on for introducing yourself. I loved hearing about your interests, so I'm going to tag a couple accounts that you may be interested in checking out and following. Enjoy, swell and excited to talk to you more.…"


Swell Team

@Swell · now · 0:15

Anton Evseev

@Tony.Evseev · 2yr ago · 4:05

Dobriy Den’ - Good Day in Russian xD

"…That's my hobby for whole life. I guess so. Even though my major is English and Korean languages, I mostly prefer to spend my time with computers. I know some basic front and back end programming that helps me to communicate with my team who makes my website, et cetera. So I think that will do for now.…"


Giacomo Casas

@sonidoliteral · 2yr ago · 0:18




@bass_estrada · 2yr ago · 0:02


"…Hey, Bowie.…"



@Kodh · 2yr ago · 0:54

Hi @bowie ! Bonjour world !

"…Hi, everyone. My name is Ben and I go by the name of Code. I am based in Paris, in France and I speak Francis. Okay, and I'm very excited to discover as Swell team good friend of mine talked about the app a couple of days ago and I really like the potential of the app and being able to connect with everyone. So if you are interested in music and technology and also spirituality, psychology, let's have a chat guys.…"


Abel Hecker

@ableabel · 2yr ago · 0:33

Hello, ‏Sziasztok, ‏Hallo, ‏Bonjour, שלומ ,Grüezi

"…Hello, everyone. My name is Abel. I'm in Zurich, Switzerland. I was born in Budapest. I can speak Hungarian. So SIA Stock. But then I grew up in Germany. So the language I speak best is German. Hello. And in school I learned English and French, so I can add Bonjour. And afterwards I was in Israel. But I can't speak really Hebrew, but I can say Shalom. And now I'm studying Switzerland. So three at sea.…"


Daria Morgendorffer

@notmorgendorfer · 2yr ago · 1:00

"…Give up.…"


Jimmy Caravotas

@Tofolux · 2yr ago · 0:03



Juan Alejandro Rojas Rosas

@AlexRojas · 2yr ago · 0:29


Bowie Rowan

@bowie · 2yr ago · 0:17

@Kodh Check out @music @build

"…It's so good to hear about you and learn about you. I'm going to tag a few accounts here that you may be interested in based on what you shared about what you like. So I hope this is helpful and excited to talk more with you.…"

Alan Sternberg

@alansternberg · 2yr ago · 0:01

Daria Platonova

@DariaRia · 2yr ago · 0:14

"…Hello, everybody. My name is Daria. I was born in Ukraine, Denmark. This is the Eastern part of Ukraine. I'm glad to see you here, everybody. Have a nice day.…"


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