Dr. Julie Shaw
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Grief x Infertility Awareness Week April 23-29

Yes, I started the process later in life, but I also think it came with so many ups and downs and the way that I explain it to a lot of people, to be quite frank, is that it's torture. This was absolute torture for me to experience and ultimately going through the IVF process which in itself has so many layers of grief into it

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Taylor J
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So to bring awareness to this issue and how it affects families all over the world literally every day, and how it can have a long term impact I think is really important. And there needs to be more support available for people that are going through this. So anyways, just wanted to say I love this post and I appreciate you. And I appreciate all the people that are listening that are trying to move on from something that it's just devastating to think about
Dr. Julie Shaw
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Thank you so much for your response and thank you for your patience in my reply as I have been recovering from being sick this past week. And one, thank you for just identifying this might not be something you're currently going through, but understanding and having the empathy for being witnessed to your friends or even family members with in your life that have actually been open with you