Dr. Julie Shaw
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Say this, "Someone I love died, I’m Grieving"

And when they introduce themselves to their other campmates, they actually say and they'll insert their person, for example, my dad died of cancer on such and such date. And they're able to connect in a way with the others around them. And it's rooted in reality and honesty and truth. And what I love about this is understanding that when we can change our language around grief, when we can change our language around death and dying, that there's power in that

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Chelsea Hanawalt
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I know a young person in my life who I know will would love to be able to, when I think they're a little older, go to one. I'm not sure if you know the ages of when people usually attend those camps or if it was for kids, camp or adults or both. Um but, yeah, I'd love to hear more about about that. But thank you again for sharing this. I really appreciate all that you share here on Swell and Instagram
Dr. Julie Shaw
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I'll be partnering and collaborating with the dinner party, and there'll be an array of facilitators, and we'll have different creative classes that we'll be teaching so that people from all over the world can express their grief, reflect and even talk about how grief intersects with all of our identities. So you can check that out. That will be May 20 and 21st