Dr. Julie Shaw
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What have you tried to help with grief?

Dip your toe in and you'll be very happily surprised. And I want to hear about it. So I would love to hear other examples of what other folks have done to help them process their grief, help them carry their grief better, help them say hello to grief. And if you haven't already, go ahead over to Instagram and follow my page at hello, I'm Grieving. I am looking forward to saying hello

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Chelsea Hanawalt
@allowthesun · 1:49
Physical movement is so helpful and changed a lot me so yeah, I just thought I would share that here after listening to your swell and I'm going to go give you a follow on instagram as well
Dr. Julie Shaw
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And I'm sure that's a sentiment a lot of people may feel when they're grieving, and it was walks that I would take. It was the ability to take that time for myself to quite literally be by myself and with my thoughts. And another thing about drawing our attention back to the body, it's so amazing how much we hold
Angela Kaye
@AnngieKaye · 1:00
And I will head over to IG to hello, I'm grieving. And hopefully there's something there that can add value to me as I go through this grief journey and figure out what I need to do to help me with my grief. So thank you so much for sharing
Angela Kaye
@AnngieKaye · 2:51
The guilt part that I mentioned in my previous reply comes in, i, unfortunately lost a brother about 20 years ago, and his death hasn't hit me the same way it's hit with my sister. And I think I'm feeling the guilt because as it's so hard to deal with Jennifer's passing, I'm like, I don't feel that same way about Willie, my brother
Ziv Katz
@reculizes · 1:07


Like you might feel pretty bad in your body and numb and you can just sit in bed or lounge on your couch, whatever, or you can still feel bad, but you can go on a walk and somehow the walk just really kind of fixes everything. Of course, it's not an instant heal, but it just goes to show moving your body and experiencing different temperatures, different physical sensations, it kind of is a way to bring the emotional, the psychic, the physical all together
Zen Momma
@ZenMomma · 5:00
And so my wife and I really have taken, I guess, big measures to make changes in our lives to kind of help support our health and wellness at this time. And so this is all everything that you were talking about, about the somatic responses that our body has from grief and loss and pain and traumas definitely is something that we are living right now and a journey that we are on. So I do have several things I want to try. More breath work
Dr. Julie Shaw
@helloimgrieving · 5:00


And one thing to keep in mind when you have experienced a death like you have with your brother 20 years ago, to also recognize there were different factors. They're two totally different deaths, they're two totally different experiences, two different people. You were in a different season and space in your life. There were different people around you. The support could look different. So oftentimes people may get caught up in saying, well, they're both my sibling, I should be grieving both of them
Dr. Julie Shaw
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And that's really great advice of taking a walk and something as simple as that, right? Just move the body and see what happens. I was just describing earlier this morning about how we carry our emotions. And even if you think about we carry all these different emotions, and especially with grief, if you can just imagine it just piling up, you know, in in a part of your body, because sometimes it's very present in certain parts of your body
Dr. Julie Shaw
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And I mean, I even saw this even going through the fertility journey with my wife is we were having two very different experiences in this. And to recognize that that there's two different experiences, two very different people. And I love that you all have been able to work together and to stay together and to fight for each other in this time of grief. And just thank you for being here. Thank you for finding this podcast. Thank you for contributing
Andrea Potvin
@GoodEnough · 3:29
But there are times when I know I could just let go and probably wouldn't stop for a while. So my gut instinct is to cut the tears off and just keep going. So that is something I need to work on. As for the temperature of water, I have been doing ending all my showers with extremely cold water. At first, that was very hard to get used to, and now I end them all with freezing cold water. The length of time varies
Swell Team
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Welcome to Swell!

Tricia Londres
@Islandgirl · 4:00
I know that whether the good, the bad, the toxic, the most beautiful moments that we shared, I will forever treasure them. He's made an impact in my life, as I have with his. And I think the more I look at all angles or all aspects of myself in this grieving process, it allows me to be human and vulnerable and authentic. And I think it's okay to be angry, to be sad, to reminisce, to be nostalgic, to regret certain things
Dr. Julie Shaw
@helloimgrieving · 4:01


And it really just shows how just deeply intricate I'm trying to find the words for it, just how diverse we are as humans, just maybe even how magical we are as humans, to be able to experience all those emotions. And grief brings that out of you. That maybe for a majority of our life, many of us are walking around with this innocence of how life should be