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Heather B
@HeatherB · 4:56

Curating for Positivity

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Allow them to regain why they wanted social media in the first place. Because I guarantee it was to make connections, to have positive conversations, to be uplift did, to be inspired to follow people who have hobbies and so forth. It wasn't to deal with all this mess that we find online. So I'm going to leave you with that thought today. I hope that you'll respond and share and get this conversation going because I really think it is extremely important for all of our mental health

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Deborah Pardes
@DBPardes · 1:42


It sounds super nerdy, but I think if that's the one thing that the family does together on the phone around digital wellness, it could be a really productive one, because I agree with you, there's lots of names out there that don't really contribute to the good experience that we're looking for when we go online
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Heather B
@HeatherB · 2:03


Talk about why you would unfollow someone and why it's okay. But this whole conversation just needs to keep happening and it needs to be more mainstream than it is. And I love that you're talking about sitting down and making it kind of a ritual, a family ritual of this. And I now openly listen to responses to this podcast with my kids in the room. And it is good conversation starters. And they're older, they're 15 and 17 and 18, but they get it
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