I mean, if you are practically using something, then only it will lead to the implication of it. Yeah, that's the thing which I read once. That's actually implying somewhere in my life that's where it comes out. I'm talking about positivity, mindfulness, thoughts, meditation, good things, good vibes. But this will not work until or unless you on yourself. Use it practically in your life, then only it will help you out. Otherwise it won't

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Swati Sharma
@Swatiselflove · 2:12
Whether it's your pain, whether it's your sorrow, or whether it's your ecstasy, whether it's your fun fill life or whatever, one should always be very ready to welcome any kind of life that comes down our way. And that should be the motive of life. One must learn to be practical in life. One must learn to be real in life. And that is what Positivity talks about. Be real