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Muskan Bothra
@Heart_sayer · 2:27

Even such person can be your favourite -( Part 1 )

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I was so happy with such warning which was so special and unique. Everything was magnificent. The fine no lead us to speak on call one day. I can remember the day it was and they knew as my favorite believed that how could we be best friends? As we have never spoke we are called to satisfy the belief and to be best friends we had our first call. Those were the days where calls were rare but this first fly by views made us know each other's once regularities

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Vipin Kamble
@Vipin0124 · 1:30


Hey, Muskan. Good evening. Yes, even such person can be your favorite. And by the period of time they will be your best friends too. Yes, being a friend does not mean need to be having a 24/7 availability. Anyone could be offended irrespective of their age, their language and the distance. The only thing matters is the Vipin. We share the match of wavelengths of our thought processes that makes us close and favorite to each other. It's a beautiful narration. Beautifully said
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Prabha Iyer
@PSPV · 2:41
Every time something good or bad happens you kind of become a dependent on that person to share immediately, get the views, get the advice it is always better to be practical according to me than to be very very emotional because at times we cannot have a control on our own character. We don't purposely do it but sometimes when we do it it offends or hurts the friendship. So we have to be mutually understanding. And these days getting true friend is like really a rocket science
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Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

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Shrawani Shravs
@whispersofverse · 1:22
And if we turn back and look into the past to know who are the people who stand beside us, then we will look, we will know they are the persons who we are. Not much touch with Math, but that the ones who stood beside us have truly like this team. Keep writing and keep reciting, hoping to learn more from you
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