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Throw Out Your Onions, Avoid Salmonella

If you haven't already heard, your onions may make you sick. So there has been a salmonella outbreak from onions imported via ProSource, I believe, is what it's called. So if you see a stick that says your onion is from Pro source or from Mexico, whether it's a whole red, yellow or I believe also white. Let me check yes or white

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Deborah Pardes
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Hey, Belly, thank you so much for the shout out here about the onions. I just read about this. And then I thought to myself, somebody mentioned onions on Swell. So I went to search and I use the word onions. And it was you. So, yes, I will do this. And we've got to start growing onions on our roofs in our backyards
Bowie Rowan
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So yeah, if I could just have a little little portable garden with me at all times that I know is safe, that would be great if you or anyone else. Here's some onion updates, please share them here as I will be following this case