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BLM disguise


"…Another thing I will say about the Black Lives Matter issue is that I think in deep down inside there, and I heard somebody say, Lucia, other day, with everybody creating our anarchy, we noticed that most of the Black Lives Matter people are white, and people who are not paying attention aren't going to notice that they're just going to hear the name.…"

Balm answer

Jermain Hawver

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"…Another thing. I was just thinking, I'm getting ready to go home, but from work. But another thing I was thinking is that the Phelps group that has the Baptist Church deal. Okay. You know how they use the name Baptist in their name? Well, the Baptist people that I've met are pretty decent. And if I didn't know better.…"

2resomnve to BLM

BLM disguise

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