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Hansika Reddy
@Hansikareddy · 3:20

Beyond the Hashtags: The Realities of Social Justice

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It's about addressing the systemic inequalities and injustices that exist in our society and working towards a more equitable future. But how do we go beyond the hashtags and social media activism to make real change? It starts with educating ourselves on the issues and listening to those who are directly impacted by them. Let's take the hashtag MeToo movement, for example. The reason it became so popular was because all the people who have experienced anything related to the movement have come out and shared their experiences

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Anisha Rodrigues
@anisharodrigues · 2:37


So when we care about social justice so much, we need to create a system wherein we'll ensure that regardless of the biases we have, that if there is a person who is in a certain difficult situation, everybody as. A society will help promote justice and give justice to that person and not favor a section of the society based on our own interest. So I think that is the first step
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