Hans 😊nome

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24 Big Ideas That Will Change Our World in 2021

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"…The pandemic will unleash a new wave of entrepreneurs. We will name heatwaves like we do Hurricanes and cyclones. For leaders, character will be everything. Wait. I think character is everything for leaders that's not going to be new. Let's see here. Streaming will eat, then transform the movies. Pandemic prevention will stretch far beyond medicine. The pandemic will send more women to the C suite. Finally, some good news. K shaped recovery will send companies to court the wealthy. Boo.…"


phil spade

@Phil · 2yr ago · 3:14

"…Hans, thanks for posting us. This really kind of makes me think a little. And I see a lot of these trends kind of working together that they mentioned. And, you know, as I think about 2020 and what has happened happened, I personally have seen a lot of people start new businesses. I've seen them start it under just having a great idea under boredom out of desperation. And I see a lot of creativity that I think will really kind of bear itself in 2021.…"


Hans 😊nome

@Hans · 2yr ago · 0:55

"…And so, yeah, all of these changes are so interesting. The environment has changed. And so now our behaviors change, and humans are doing what we do best. We adapt. And unfortunately for all the excitement that I have about the new creativity and the new businesses, I do feel a sense of sadness, too. Like the dry cleaners story. Like that's sad, I guess for some things to grow, some things have to break. But this is life.…"

Alas...this is life 😞. Thank you for the conversation!


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