Hanna Skikne
@hannaskikne · 1:56

College Credit for Internships (why it sucks!)

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And so instead of money, what a lot of people are doing are saying that you can get school credit through your school. The problem is to get school credit for an internship through your school, you have to take a class, which requires you to basically write a paper on the internship and what you learned. But just like any other College class, you have to pay money

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Ryan Cartier
@Cartier · 4:54
I do think it's really bizarre that the school you said about the school that seems really bizarre that you would have to pay the school to get the credit because let's say you just worked up there and you never went to the class. You still get the experience on your resume and move forward in life. Why would the College charge a person for the credit? That's just so that they can say, oh, well, now you have this degree because you have this background in it
Carol Peri
@Carolperi · 1:41

Internship Credit: Good or Bad?

Hi, Hanna. I think this is a great point that you bring up, and I do agree with you in terms that colleges shouldn't be charging students for an extra class when we're always are trying to do is gain that experience, and they're not involved in that process. A lot of the times, even when we are looking for internships and trying to make connections
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