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Let's Share A Happy Memory! :)

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"…And at least once a week when we were younger, we used to have peace together. But not every family was able to prepare. Six, seven families used to join together and we used to have peace and meals together. And it's such a happy feeling. The feeling of the feeling of belonging and the feeling of a family is a feeling which is something so warm and so happy.…"

Memories are a powerful tool which can make us feel tons of emotions, which one makes you happy? #shareonswell #sayitonswell #askswell


Shruti Singh

@Shruti_Singh · 4mo ago · 1:07

"…Hey, this is really a very sweet swell. And I would totally say that the happiest moments of our life can be the one we spend with our families. And I totally can feel that how hard it is for you and how hard it can be for anyone when they have to leave you without their family for so and so reasons. And I really love the way that you had explained every small moment when you adjust what you actually experience with your family.…"

#sayitonswell #shareonswell

Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Hausianmuan Samte

@muan20 · 4mo ago · 0:31

"…Hello, Goulding. I am really impressed by the story you shared, and I have to say I can really relate to it coming from a small town myself. The little moments of these caregivers that you describe with such precise accuracy, it really shows your humility. I think the Joyce come from these little moments and it even gives me a feeling of nostalgia. Fine dining and luxurious restaurants are good, but nothing compares to this family get together dinners. Thank you and have a great day. Bye.…"


Kbm Dousel

@kymbeedousel · 4mo ago · 0:34

"…Hello. This was a really nice well, like, it depicts happy memories. And as humans, I'm sure that we all will have some kind of happy memories with our loved ones, with our friends, with our family. Family. And it's something which we never even talked about. Ready. And I think it is very much needed, especially in a world like this, when things are becoming. This is such an amazing boss.…"


Suangouding Guite

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"…Hi Shartia thank you so much for your reply. It was very lovely and I love how you appreciate me and I really appreciate you for your reply. It really means a lot. Thank you.…"

Suangouding Guite

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"…Hello Muan thank you so much for the reply and I really love that you related to my story and I hope that wherever you are, I hope you are doing well.…"


Suangouding Guite

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"…Hello I really like your reply. I really like how you articulate your words and thank you very much for your kind words. It really means a lot and have a great 18.…"

Jennifer Kipgen

@kimthennem · 4mo ago · 0:47

"…Hello, Goldie. It was really nice to hear you talking about your happiest memories with spending time with your friends and families. And I don't want to say that, yeah, my favorite movement or memories will be me spending time with my family and friends. The memories that I remember now. We're like hanging out with my friends or talking with my parents, going out with them on the trips. These are the only things that I remember.…"

Suangouding Guite

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"…And I'm really glad that you and your family have such a great relationship and you'll see so many great memories and I hope you continue to create much better fanfilled memories with your friends and your family. And thank you so much for your reply. Have a great day. See.…"



Tanishka Singh

@Tancy_0818 · 4mo ago · 1:48

"…I don't think I could have explained it that well because haven't experienced that much, but I would really love to experience this kind of family gatherings a lot more. So. Yeah. Thank you so much for this. It was lovely hearing you. Thank you. Bye.…"

@gouding here's my story


Suangouding Guite

@Gouding · 4mo ago · 1:05

"…Hello. Firstly, thank you so much for your reply and I would definitely be checking out yours as swell just after this reply and I really hope and I really really wish you would be able to experience this big family gatherings at least once. Honestly, it's not for everyone because I understand that some people are introverted and they can't really enjoy in huge gatherings.…"


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