Suangouding Guite

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What the Amber Heard case means for feminism

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"…But I'm getting one because of that single case. So I just wanted to talk about it and I would like to hear your views on this. What are your opinions on the Amber Hurt and the Johnny Depp case and what are your opinions on the topics of coverage such as what this case have done to feminism and done to other abusive cases? So I live here and comments or anything you can reply to us anytime so thank you. Bye.…"

A talk on what the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case has done to feminisms and other abusive cases. #whatsyourpov #sayitonswell


Kbm Dousel

@kymbeedousel · 5mo ago · 0:45

"…Just because Amber Heard is abusing Johnny, that doesn't mean that the whole generalized idea is fit to be bestowed upon the woman as a whole. And also, this is very eye opening and it's a really good dog. I really loved it. And can't wait for more updates from you.…"

Suangouding Guite

@Gouding · 5mo ago · 0:40

"…And I hope to hear more from you soon. Bye.…"

Maretta J

@Marettaj · 4mo ago · 0:19

"…I think Amber Heard's situation will open the door for more men not being afraid to come forward when they feel like they're being abused as well. I think men tend to be be more shy to admit when there is a problem.…"

Suangouding Guite

@Gouding · 4mo ago · 0:35

"…I do agree with their opinion since men are usually viewed as victims. Hopefully this case will help them bring their forward and talk about what their experiences if they are victims of abuse and hopefully we will be able to create a change for victims of abuse whether men or women or women are treated or are given to support equally.…"


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