Suangouding Guite

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SWIFT'S PEN Ep 04 Ivy Meaning

College Voice India 🇮🇳Pop CultureWriting & Poetry

"…So the wife is not a widow, which will explain the line and the widow goes to the stone every day. But then although the husband has already died, the wife has still feel a connection, a sense of faith, a sense of trust that she have towards the husband.…"


Gogasusa Pathasarathi

@Gogasusa · 4mo ago · 0:28

"…Hi. Hi. My dear friend. Yes, your swell is really good. It's. It's actually, you know, very clear each and all words. You just thought I want to say. Yeah, you are really good at swell billing. Then what I want to say, nothing more. I'm very happy to have a friend in Manipur. Bye bye bye. Thanks a lot. Bye.…"



Suangouding Guite

@Gouding · 4mo ago · 0:14

"…Hello. Thank you so much for your reply and o thank you for always being enthusiastic with me and I love, you know, spelling with you and I'm hoping that we will talk more in the future as well. So thank you so much.…"


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