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The Problem Of UPSC

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"…Which means it has created lots of unemployment, lots of failures in the country. And these failures, the lack of other experience, who doesn't get through the exam sees the mess failures and they see themselves instead. UPSC makes 1000 failures a year, but it also destroys five legged individuals, not just career. We saw at the street about a self experience who put in ten years of his youth for an exam and still hasn't gotten through. Just imagine ten years.…"

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"…She came from a place where neither English newspaper nor coaching centers were available. For her to balance her life in a village with regressive mindset towards woman is a norm. She has put on a smile and ever since moved forward to realize her dreams. So yeah, thank you. Bye.…"


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"…Hello Arushi. Firstly, thank you so much for the reply. And secondly, what an amazing story you have told. It was such a beautiful one. And yes, I do agree that you know, listening to the story of UPSC successful as part are all very inspirational. And I also do agree that UPSC have created so many jobs for many people and we can't deny this.…"


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"…Hi. Thank you very much for a wonderful swell like this. And I totally agree with what you are saying about UPSC in India. And yes, we have so many problems in bureaucratic again as well as democratic level. Yes, our system has to change, has to improve so much. Thanks a lot for such an informative as well.…"


Suangouding Guite

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"…Hello. Thank you so much for listening as well as for your reply.…"

The Problem Of UPSC

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