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Song of My Soul (A Case of You)

College Voice India 🇮🇳MusicMatters of the Heart

"…I'm not sure how it's pronounced, but it's not exactly a guitar and not exactly a nuclear, but similar to that and it's so raw. And the voice of Joni Mitchell, we can hear her emotions pouring out whenever we listen to her. And that is what makes this song so special, so heart touching to so many. And this song, though released in 1917, still managed to touch people's hearts like mine even till today. And it is such a great thing.…" #sayitonswell #askswell #collegevoiceindia


Gogasusa Pathasarathi

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"…Hi. Goutine. Yeah, I really like the song that, you know, pointed out as a favorite one, and yeah, I think all music are really good, right? Yeah. And we all like music because music has the power to us change our mood. And anyway, thanks a lot for this. Well, and thank you for making me add the song in my playlist, too, and yeah, that's all. Thank you. Bye.…"


54_Mahak Bansal

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"…Hello. First of all, thank you so much for inviting me on this wonderful swell. And honestly, your favorite song was just very amazing. And just go and hug it, and it was just amazing. And I was thinking but yes, now, this song came in my playlist for sure. And the way you explained your favorite song was also just mindful is blowing. I just love it. And most of your swells are just amazing. Keep going on.…"


Namrata Nandi

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"…And I was like, yeah, this is one of my favorite songs as well. A song that's very close to my soul, I guess would be a very decent song that has become very close to my soul. Is that's how I learned to say no? If I'm not wrong, that's by Emily. So, yeah, that's a song that is very recent and has become very close to my soul and heart. So, yeah, I would mention this song here.…"

Suangouding Guite

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"…Hi, thank you so much for your reply and thank you so much for listening to the song and I'm even more grateful for liking the song and even adding to your playlist. You know, whenever I recommend songs to my friends and they end up liking it, I feel very validated and this is how I'm feeling right now. Thank you so much for listening. Nandi really like your smell as well. On the same topic. Not the same topic, but along the lines of music.…"


Suangouding Guite

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"…And if you would be kind enough to share that, I would be so thankful. Okay, bye. Have a great day. Bye.…"


Suangouding Guite

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"…So I'm a little surprised that you know it, and I'm surprised I'm even more happy that you this song is one of your favorite songs. And the way you said this song is full of emotion is so true, and you have perfectly described it. Nandi, listen to your song recommendation. I actually haven't heard that before, but since you recommended it, I went and listened to it. Nandi, this song is also so great.…"


Hausianmuan Samte

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"…Although I haven't had any prior experience, such things like divorce and all I could get what she feels like, what she wants to express through music, through her music. Nandi don't think she could have preferred she would have done any better by choosing another form of expression, like doing poetry and all that. But as I said, going back to the topic, what I mean to say is that this song is really a song for the song. Thank you.…"

Deborah Pardes

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"…It hits such a beautiful note of surrender and I just love it. And what a beautiful thread you've created. Thank you so much.…"


Swell Team

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Welcome to Swell!

Suangouding Guite

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"…It's just so raw and full of emotion and jump, basically. And thank you so much for replying to it. You have perfectly encapsulated the beauty of Johnny Mitchell. Thank you so much.…"


Suangouding Guite

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"…She still is able to make me feel the feeling she has made me feel the first time I listened to her. And for her to be able to do that, it's such a talent. And Joni Mitchell is one of the greatest ideas I have ever heard. And I will always love her. And thank you so much for replying to this as well. And now I'm going to go listen to her performance again. Okay? Thank you. Have a great day. Bye.…"


Jennifer Kipgen

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"…So I guess that each of us have our own thing, that we feel connected. It might have to be Dandelions.…"


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