Suangouding Guite

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Power of Photography

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"…And if it wasn't for photography, if it wasn't for pictures, I don't think I would have remembered them. And I'm so grateful for it. So this is basically it for my Today's talk. And if you like this and if you have anything to share regarding photography, like any memory of yours, I was sure love to hear them and thank you for listening. Have a great day. Bye.…"


Gogasusa Pathasarathi

@Gogasusa · 4mo ago · 0:48

"…Wow. I really like your swell because the topic itself is really good and it gives so much, you know, thoughts in my brain. Actually. Yes, there is. There is power in photography and it's actually the living memories and we can store itself as colors, the reflections of past. We can give so many explanations and all for the photographies. Anyway, thanks a lot.…"


Suangouding Guite

@Gouding · 4mo ago · 0:16

"…Hello. Thank you so much for your reply. It really means a lot and I liked how we incorporated the portfoliography not just in this philosophical term philosophical way, but also in like a scientific explanation as well. I really like it. Thank you.…"

Power of Photography

@Gouding · 4mo ago · 2:28


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