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How To Be A Good Ally For Queer People

College Voice India 🇮🇳LGBTQIA+Open Mic

"…Furthermore, I would like to add that most of the communities where we grew up in are very homophobic. So there's an ingrained homophobia in all of us, which we don't even realize. Even queer people have homophobia in themselves sometimes they don't even realize. And it is our step as an ally to realize those and to do away with those and to make sure that we learn the things that we were taught to learn when we were younger.…"

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"…Hi. So amazing Phil and I couldn't pronounce your name. If you could just tell what is the pronunciation of your name, it would be good. And I just loved it. Like we should always be a good lie. We should always be a good companion to everyone. Like square. They are the strange people. Like they feel odd some places at some places. So we shouldn't be like we shouldn't be ignoring them. We should be always good to every people.…"



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"…Hello, Anastasia. So my name you can just call me golden. Golden. So, yeah, that will work. And about your reply, thank you so much for your reply. It was so great. I really like your mindset about how we should treat everyone openly, how we should treat everyone with kindness and equality. To you, So. Yeah, thank you so much for your reply. Have a great day.…"


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"…I know we are doing that from the best of intentions, but I think at some point queer people are dealing with some form of ostracization from society, right? Some are fortunate, most are not, especially in India. And when we treat them differently in like a group setting or things of that sort, I think we're not being good allies. We are just doing something with good intentions which doesn't really like. I'm seeing a lot of pride posts all over the place just during June.…"

@Gouding Just show up :)


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"…Just show up. What a perfect, excellent answer to my question. Show up for queer people, to show that to be there for them, to show our support and also to you know, Halak, you mentioned to treat them as distant human beings, to treat them as someone who are like us. Because they are no different from us. They are just like us. This reply has been a very insightful what I've learned a lot from you. Thank you so much.…"


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