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#LAStory | Stories of Los Angeles

Are you from Los Angeles or have a great story about LA? This is a community generated pocast for sharing those stories. Simply use any of the prompts above to record and post your story. Your episode will be available in the podcast feed on Spotify and Apple Podcasts in 24 hours. You can also listen and reply to fellow users above.

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If you know someone who may have interesting stories to tell on this community podcast, or would simply enjoy listening to some of these stories, please share this page with them. Thank you!

About Community Podcasts™

This is a community generated podcast available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Any stories you add on this page by using the storytelling prompts will automatically be included in the podcast feed in 24 hours.

Content posted on this page will be reviewed for quality and compliance with our Terms of Service. If you don't want to include your story on this page or on the podcast, then please delete it from your account using the Swell app.

Want Your Own Community Podcast?

If you are interested in starting a Swell Community Podcast for your own community on any topic, please let us know at stories@swell.life.

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Swell is a San Francisco based audio storytelling platform that fosters social connections and engagement through sharing of life experiences and perspectives.

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