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D Pardes

 · 1yr ago · 4:44
SESSION 9: Dressing Up To Speak - There’s really no need for that extra layer

"…I really want to talk about what happened during COVID in reference to how we get ready to connect with people. During COVID, a lot of people were locked down. They were locked away, they were asked to isolate. And then when they had to come out to meet people, it was usually on Zoom, and Zoom created a new set of standards for people.…"

Let’s talk about the feeling absolutely fine about what you are about to say. And say it here ❤️

Parmi Savla

 · 1yr ago · 4:05

"…It has tested people a lot, and I hope by the end of it, people, you know, to really come out knowing who they actually are and not what the society has made them to be.…"


Swell Team

 · now · 0:15