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Deborah Pardes

 · 9mo ago · 3:13
Session 17: Speaking of Joy in Times of Sorrow

"…We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live and joy. And it's hard, it's difficult. And those of us who want to be of service and want to fix things find ourselves sometimes grappling with how do I go and run and jump and be in delight when so many people suffer and struggles all around the world are always all around the world, and sometimes the media broadcasts them louder than not.…"

How do you deal with the pain of cognitive dissidence?


bethany jones

 · 9mo ago · 1:00

"…This reminds me of the phrase Speak your truth, even if your voice trembles. And I think their strength to speaking to your own personal, spiritual and emotional and physical needs and to not let people dictate to you what they think you should be thinking or feeling. And I so appreciated your wonderful, compassionate, empowerment, ethic, insightful and intelligent response. So speak your truth, even if your voice might tremble.…"



Aaron Waldron

 · 9mo ago · 4:56

"…So when we talk about sorrow of the world or pain in the world, evil in the world, failure in the world, death in the world, these are all part of the world, and that's why we can't change them. But so much you can't get rid of it. It's inevitable. It's part of everything. It's necessary to a certain degree.…"

@DBPardes "Emotional Beings"


Deborah Pardes

 · 9mo ago · 1:44

"…And it requires a lot when you consider how emotions form, how we wake up and how we connect. And it just reminds me more and more that these times let's just be kind to ourselves because there's so much emotion and being in the messiness is the surrender. So I'm in it. And thank you so much also. Thank you, Bethany as well. I love these kinds of conversations because they really do land and they help us navigate stuff.…"

@The3rdOWL @bethanyj