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Deborah Pardes

 · 3mo ago · 2:42
SESSION 20: Are You Ok With The Answer to Your QUESTION?

"…What are your thoughts about putting out a question and being ready for that answer that might rock your world? And do you think about that before you ask the question?…"

Sometimes it’s hard to hear…


Brianna B

 · 3mo ago · 3:37

"…Hi, Deborah. So yeah, this is a very thought provoking topic and I do find myself thinking about whenever I have questions. Sometimes I do want those opinions from other people to really back up what I am thinking. But one of the things I've come to realize over time is that especially when we want somebody to tell us what we want to hear, it does a disservice to me. Like it doesn't feel good within my being, you know what I mean?…"

@DBPardes thought provoking


Lance Watson

 · 3mo ago · 4:36

"…That you try to anticipate how your audience or how those you're in discourse with will think about your proposition in contrast to the antithesis or the real circumstances in the real world as most of us, many of us may perceive it. Interesting story. And that's what I got on here to share is when I was learning this methodology. This interpretive methodology. I had a wonderful mentor who. When I attempted to prepare a discourse and provide the relevant question in its singularity right.…"

@DBPardes: Hegelian Dialectic, a RELEVANT question….


Swell Team

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Lance Watson

 · 3mo ago · 2:22

"…And so emotionally, I'm detached, right? That when I get on here and I'm having conversation with people it does mean something to me when people respond. But I try not to allow my questions to arise, especially in public spaces, from my sort of emotional gearbox, right? And so I'm not shifting gears when I hear responses that are in opposition to my own perspective. It's interesting because the lens that I hear this question through is one that is emotionally charged.…"

@DBPardes: and another thing…


Dewuan .

 · 3mo ago · 4:33

"…OOH wee. I love this question. These are the type of questions that excite me, and anything provocative excites me with women included. Life in general, definitely questions. It's the bread and butter of Swell, and I feel you're not going to get a provocative answer if you ask a boring question. So for me personally, if you haven't yet experienced an answer that was totally different than what you had thought, I don't think you've asked the right questions yet.…"

I love it!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🙌


Yesenia Fernandez

 · 3mo ago · 4:40

"…So sometimes a lot of us don't consider other people's maybe life experiences or some people may still be facing certain traumas or triggers. I mean, for me personally, I dealt with just speaking and why I had to look into that and see why was it that its was just so it just kept me from kind of being myself around others and a lot of things came into play with that.…"

Considering Collective Wisdom in Dialogue @DBPardes


Deborah Pardes

 · 3mo ago · 1:00

"…And I don't think it's as I'm listening to all of you, all four of you, I'm just in a different place right now with just honoring the complexity of this conversation. And it feels playful, but it also feels pretty rooted and almost a values based kind of orientation. Like, who are you when you ask a question? I just want to thank all four of you right now for bringing this to such a heightened space. Really amazing.…"


Lance Watson

 · 3mo ago · 4:08

"…It's a shift in my lifestyle and human beings, as by and large really don't like changing that much, right? Especially as adults. And so should I inconvenience myself for the sake of longevity and health? And what's so interesting is, or at least in my own experience, oftentimes we have problems with our own answers to our own questions.…"

@DBPardes: Are my proverbial wheels still spinning?…


Deborah Pardes

 · 3mo ago · 1:44

"…I just had a serendipitous moment. I posted a swell and then listened to your swell and my swell was out, was about just being in awe and not necessarily in the knowing. And it kind of this question so beautifully, right? It's about not even being in the search necessarily externally, but hearing what your relationship to that question is and the pause one might take to not even grasp the answer yet, but really listen to yourself and not necessarily be entrenched in that.…"



Enfinit Evolushun

 · 3mo ago · 3:32

"…And I'm not the judge of what is proper, but some people just answer just to hear themselves talk. I post on Swell because I have an energy that needs to be expelled, and I have this thought, and I'm like, immediately, I jump on here. I'm like, let me let it all hang. And I'm not the type of person that is posting for a response.…"


Danny Anderson

 · 3mo ago · 2:53

"…Hey Miss D, good to hear from you again. So I love questions. I think we talked about previously a couple weeks ago on the line of work or my particular line of work, hopefully you remember. If not, I'm not gonna eat up up anybody's time with that.…"


Demarkis Klan Destine

 · 3mo ago · 1:24

"…Where you have to listen twice, like, wait a minute, what did he or she say? Okay, I got it. I picked that up. He or she tried to flick. So those could be fun, too, those replies that are hidden in code. But, yeah, most of the Lance, I'm usually satisfied with. I have no problem with them. Some of the answers, my questions, I'm usually satisfied. So, yeah, interesting post.…"


Deborah Pardes

 · 3mo ago · 1:32

"…And you guys really brought home the fact that it's worth thinking about the authenticity of our questions. Yes, it's the question of are we ready for the answers? But it's also, are we committed to a life that includes this process over and over and over again? Because that's what's most expansive for me. Can I find the next question?…"

@Life_Stack @Enfinit @OmegaStrange


Jennifer Aguilar

 · 3mo ago · 3:30

"…I disagree with you and this is why and blah, blah. And actually, I'm always fascinated by it. I'm like, all right, let's hear it. It's the same here. So I posted a picture of a meme, right? Because I think social media has destroyed the conversation. I'm sure that's why Swallow is here, because generally people will meme back and forth. They'll post things that they'll troll.…"

@DBPardes #notsocialmedia #memewars #disagreement #learning

Sontaia Briggs

 · 3mo ago · 2:27

"…Hey, Deborah. How are you? I saw this question post swell. And I was like, I want to answer and I just got away from me, but here I am. I think that you have some something that is so important that people just don't consider. Like we all have opinions, right? I think sometimes people ask questions so they can say their opinion. They don't want the answer.…"

@DBPardes Great 🙋🏾‍♀️