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D Pardes

 · 2yr ago · 4:48
Session Four: Why did Amanda Gorman impact us so much on inauguration day?

"…And finally, I just want to sort of challenge everybody who's listening to this, to think about the opportunities that we have every day, to take that deep breath, to stand in our power in our truth and find simple ways to express what we see, who we want to be, who we want, the people around us to be, and show up for us, that partnership that she offered us in this poem that we together, we are climbing the Hill together.…"

We were so thirsty. Her poem poured over us. How can we learn from this epic moment of poetry and performance?


Izzy S-L

 · 2yr ago · 2:21

"…I think of how impactful this is for the young black girls who are watching this. That's the first thing that I felt and that I thought of when Amanda Gorman took center stage because because as a Brown girl, I didn't have very many people to look up to people in positions of pride and power that looked like me.…"