Ishita Chaturvedi
@ghungrooish · 1:24

Weirdly yours.......

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Hi, my name is Ishita and I'm a little weird or a little anxious. You can say a bold. Actually, I get scared when I am around people, but also kind of confident when I'm speaking to them. I don't want to share a lot but end up sharing everything and then worry the entire night about who the h*** I am. Really want to start a startup? Wow, that sounds fun. Anyways

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Aradhya Singh
@capturewithbuny · 1:43
Hey, Ishita. Thank you. Yes, you say a lot about yourself. Everyone has something in weird on him or her, even something good on him or him or her as well. So regarding me, I'm a software engineer. But yes, sometimes I do feel anxious. There's a reason behind that. We think a lot. Sometimes we think about the future, sometimes we think what happened to us in past
Tanishka Singh
@Tancy_0818 · 2:21


Hey there Ishita. Thank you so much for inviting me to this. Well, and it was really great hearing you. Like, I relate to I related to it a lot. Like when I just, you know, saw this, I don't know why, I just felt like into it. So I'm glad you invited me here. I really very much relate with this. That when yours with people