Saravanan Chinna
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Yummy 🍇 in terrace garden

The fast grape harvest in my terrace gardening. I'm so happy to harvest this because my area is something is a little bit hotter area. I'm not sure whether the gaps comes and that has got around not but final result it's coming. So I'm so happy about it


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#congratulations #terrace garden #organic

Hi, Tina. This is the first time I'm seeing grapes being grown in a terrace garden. So Congratulations on that. And that's a really lovely picture. So if you have any more tips on terror gardening, please do let us know we would love to listen to them
Deborah Pardes
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Oh, my gosh, that's beautiful. I have a sister who lives in Israel and also does what you doing on her terrace. So I'm going to share this with her and see if she has any insights. And I also just shared it with our host of this channel, Ruth, and she might have some thoughts. So what a beautiful picture. Thank you
Ruth Steinberg
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Let us know when you do get some fruit and don't forget to cut your plans back at the appropriate time of the year, wherever you are based. Thanks for sharing