Driving long distance

And I would actually do this drive almost like every month or maybe every two months. And I recently haven't really been going back just because gas prices are crazy and my classes are in person. So I can't just go whenever. But I did go for a spring break and I was just so exhausted while driving and I felt like I had to take a bunch of brakes and stretch for a little bit

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Alyssa Reyes
@mediamind · 1:19
And my dad would always drive like super slow. So it was always like 18 hours. And I hate it. I hate going to go visit my grandparents in Texas because it is such a long drive. And yeah, it's a lot
@paolomcm · 1:16
Every time I take that four hour drive, I probably lose like a year of life. But I guess like flying and driving long, I really don't enjoy. One time my family and I were like, driving from California and there was so much traffic that it took us nearly 24 hours from La area all the way to Seattle. And being in the car for 24 hours or being in the single space for 24 hours, like anyone would go crazy
Alexandra Hobson
@alihobson · 1:45
Hey. So I used to go to the University of San Diego and I am originally from the Bay Area. So that drive can be like it ranges from like it's around 7 hours. I'd say with traffic it can be longer. But I was crazy and used to drive that whole way without stopping. Like not even to go to the bathroom or to get food
Gabie Rudolph
@gabrudolph · 0:20


Hey, Lisa, I really don't think I could drive 14, 18 hours. So coops to you for having done that. I feel like if I was in that situation, I would probably just fly. But if you're with your family, probably it makes more sense to to drive because it's cheaper. But yeah, good to you again
Gabie Rudolph
@gabrudolph · 0:36


I cannot imagine being in a car for 24 hours. I'm so sorry that you had to go through that. Yeah. For me, personally, I think like, four and a half hours is usually when I start getting tired when I'm driving. So I can definitely, definitely understand how that could be pretty bad. Even though when I drive, it's like 8 hours. But I feel like once it's four and a half hours, I definitely get what you're saying
Gabie Rudolph
@gabrudolph · 1:13


I don't know what I imagine why might be the reason why from Chico to San Diego is like worse is you have to pass through so many farms and fields and driving from the Bay Area to San Diego, I think that's like the scenic route, I'm pretty sure, which is probably has a lot better views than fields and cows. So that could be a reason. I think I one time did the scenic route
Isabella Croston
@isabellaa · 1:03
Being in the car for a super long time, just in general isn't really my favorite thing necessarily. But due to being so used to all those years drives, I've definitely built a tolerance for it