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Project - ATCHAANI


"…Vanakam Anhai this is Kaviya representing Project Atchaani from the Team G 18 Project Atchaani focuses on five key areas titled as Motikal Malaram which will have education awareness session for kids under age group of twelve years. It is about menstrual hygiene management sessions for girls. This carries awareness and handson training sessions about cancer, genetic and common commonly occurring diseases. We organize health care and we support the needy with medical assistance.…"

Health Care


Kaviya Balaguruswamy

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"…A Chinese Project workshop organized Take Home actions.…"

உணவை மருந்தாகும் கலை பயிற்சி..


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"…Negative porch.…"


Kaviya Balaguruswamy

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"…Nantry. Thank you.…"

Ramya V

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"…Kavya and Manikandan thank you so much for sharing this, especially in other workshop. I'm very impressed because I know Naraya, perhaps even the most common and vegetables like beans or carrot or whatever other full nutrients most of the time, either by using too much oil or deep Fry or not cooked, booking it properly. It will be very useful for people to participate. This is just my suggestion, but thank you so much for sharing this.…"



Ramya V

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"…Also Manikandan. Thanks again the summary, workshop learned and discussion, but otherwise the points you need especially I'm interested. The tips which you got from the workshop. It will be very useful for all of us. Just a request. Thank you. Bye.…"



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Welcome to Swell!

Karan Dev

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"…Really looking forward to hearing about all the stories that you guys are working on. Thank you. Bye.…"


Alwin Jeyakumar

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"…Hello Project Atchaani and Gat team thank you for sharing the information and thank you thanks again.…"

#helpinghands #awareness #society


Kaviya Balaguruswamy

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"…Thank you for your wonderful words of support and interest in the workshop materials. One with Kurisika future workshops and sessions. Thank you once again bye.…"


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Kaviya Balaguruswamy

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"…Thank you. Monina.…"

Project - ATCHAANI

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