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What are you not telling us?

What brought about these thoughts with me was a conversation I was having with someone, and I was talking about my podcasting Persona. What you are hearing now, yes, this is Dewan, but this is a version of Dewan that maybe some people might not recognize who are around me. I don't think I'm more honest, per se. It's just a different inflection of honesty

But are you letting us know anyway despite your best attempts and shielding your truth? #honest #truth

Outside of YouTube, I'm exactly the same person. And I was thinking exactly what you just said in your swell. I'm not buying it. You talking about you're not gonna be that honest in. In person because it's somewhat scripted. Even if you don't write it down yourself, you're kind of scripting it in your head about how you want to present yourself on camera, on video. That presentation is very important, even if you try to make it appear authentic
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There's many versions of you, and in terms of, like, legal standards, it doesn't matter, right. You can't claim that, well, the bedroom version of me would have never committed these crimes, but the daily version of me outside, I can't account for that. You know, the justice system was like, well, all y'all can go to prison for life and figure it out