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The Flaw Of Attraction.

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"…But these are the backbones of our ways of thinking. There's a kernel of it in a lot of the stuff that's out here today, and what a lot of influencers like to preach of their gospel, in particular the Law of attraction. Even the recent influencer, Andrew Tate, who is known for misogyny and hate speech, or Tate speech as he called it, was a strong advocate of the law of attraction.…"

The Dangers Of Toxic Positivity.


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"…The laws of attraction. So I can see why people may say that if you have positive thoughts, it can bring you positivity. If you have negative thoughts, it can bring you you negativity. There are some truths to that. But without negativity, will we still be living in the Stone Age? Would we be living in this modern society? So we need negativity just as much as we need positivity. But yeah, man, what a great post. Like always, bro. Peace out.…"

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"…And they felt you just really needed to think yourself out of this particular problem or just be more of a family person and whatnot it's different to consider to consider at that point in time. So the Law of Attraction, it can help most people, but it's not the solution for all people. Maybe it also teaches that with Positivity, you have a proactive lifestyle rather than just being reactive to situations that come your way.…"

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"…Feeling the joy of my life every day now when I was in utter despair for years and years and years. Suicidal. In fact. Going through the loss of my husband to suicide and still coming out on the other side now six years later and feeling joy every day. That was the Law of Attraction.…"

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"…A lot of people suffered greatly during this period of time, and it was only through medicine that we began to realize that all these aren't things that people can just wish away on its own. They have to follow it up with medical practice. Psychiatry prescription described medicine along with the holistic approach. So let's say with schizophrenia, right? Schizophrenia is not something you can holistically get out of your system. You need medication. There is no other method. You will eventually your brain is eroding.…"

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The Flaw Of Attraction.

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