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Therapist Influencers| A Shabree Rawls Story

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"…As a black man. I have never went to therapy. I never seen a psychologist nor have I ever seen a psychiatrist. And many are claiming my reasons why to be what this young lady had did in her TikTok about a month ago or earlier this month. Shebri rawls her name. Is a practicing therapist based out of Cleveland. And she was responding to a comment on TikTok. As you know how TikTok videos are and it was about black men in therapy and emotional intelligence.…"

Should Mental Health Workers Aspire To Be Media Influencers?


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"…When keeping it real goes wrong. And I think that's what happened. I think she tried to come off being genuine, you know, like Kevin Samuels starting to see a lot of want to be Kevin Samuels, but I think it just backfired because she is actually in a profession where she is supposed to help people, right? Kevin Samuel, he says he's helping people and that it is his main goal, to help people.…"

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"…Like, you all need to go to therapy and you all need to come to my sessions, that sort of thing. But for her to emphasize how corroded the blackmail psyche was, it sounded as if she was cherry picking from some recent sessions or not. I guess it just the experience colored it too much to where it just doesn't look good. I think that's what really she got fired for. It's just as bad press.…"

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