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Idea Coach| Fuck Originailty, Be Yourself Instead.


"…Any idea your big brain has ever thought of or will think up has been thought before. It can't be helped. Ideas come about from our experiences, and our experiences are shared with other people or with people in general. So how is there still original ideas out there? Obviously you've watched a movie at one time, I heard a song at one time or seen a piece of art at one time that made you feel like, d***, this is original.…"

Trust in your story instead of trying to copy someone else’s. #IdeaCoach


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"…Hi, fred Oreo. I just listened to your post about f*** originality, and I studied theater when I was in college. And, you know, for acting, I studied method meisner primarily. And one of the things that our teacher used to say over and over again was that art is borrowing. You're getting bits and pieces of other things and then mixing it with your own goop and pouring something out, and whatever comes out is what's yours.…"


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"…Your first original idea, you get a passing score. Got one of the top scores in the class. And he thought he was going to make fun of this idea of needing to write these great stories. And he learnt a valuable lesson that day in that you have to find extraordinary things in ordinary making. The ordinary extraordinary, he called it.…"


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"…It's still original because you're adding your own as my I'm using the words or the terminology my writing mentor uses, which is because I had got in my head about the book I'm writing on my experience with domestic violence. And I was like, well, there's so many other books out there that people talk firsthand, speak firsthand about their experience.…"

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"…And I was like, oh, okay. I guess so. But it didn't make me, like, want to suddenly just go back to wearing normal garments that I could get from anywhere. I felt I was onto something. That is funny. I was one of the first people in my neighborhood to start kind of wearing, at least as a guy, a black guy, to wear, like, bright colors and all that sort of stuff.…"


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"…Had they not done that and just discovered his drawings and said, okay, we're just going to go with this, maybe we wouldn't have the things that we have, such as the helicopter, tanks, parachute. Same thing with a lot of things in technology. I know you responded to one of my most recent swells in regards to Apple. I think it was yesterday I've read another article. It was like on TikTok.…"

This swell brings up alot of ideas like improving on an idea that's thought of as new and also rediscovering past technolgy/teachings/practices

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"…Professor 42 following up. So I did find it did discover. So I maybe may have exaggerated a little bit, but it wasn't intentionally. Just recalling from my memory. But that computer is called the Ancient Into Cathyra mechanism. And essentially it was, if I'm looking at this correctly, was created. Where the h*** does this say it was made? Some time between 200 it in 70 BCE.…"

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Welcome to Swell!

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"…The size of a penthouse could only compute a calculator calculations you fast forward to now, I have the computing power of a modern PC in my hand that actually can boot up faster than some PCs out. Now, is it more important to be the first or to be better? Do you want to be the first CD player or do you want to be an iPhone device? But this was first. It came out before. A lot of times on social media, they have these nostalgia wars and arguments.…"



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