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So Many Invites.

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"…So on Swell prior I've been on here for a little while and that's just the beginning and onset of the platform. But during the height of it, I guess we're still in the height. I guess it all depends on how you feel about that. But anyway, I understand prior Swell called mentions that was the way you invite or you tag somebody in a post. It wasn't called invite, it was just you either tag someone or you mention someone.…"

I wonder why? 👀


"…First I apologized one I rarely, rarely invite people. But I did invite you sometime in the last few hours to a post note I will never do it again, but I think I'm in a similar boat. Whole idea of inviting people that you don't interact with, it feels disingenuous. And then there's disingenuous one of those words. And then there's all of these ideas of expectation and what one thinks one should do, what one wants to do and pressures and so on.…"

@FryedOreo Noted! Apologies! (Hope you're well!)


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Welcome to Swell!

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"…So I think that the fact they're unaware of that, especially new people, maybe they don't realize it. And also, it's almost too tempting to have to invite people because you want people to listen to your posts. I get it. You want people to listen to your posts. You want it to get as much engagement as possible, so you do it. And some people, I think, will highlight every single active user on Swell.…"

You get what i’m talking about. @SeekingPlumb


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"…And Swell is kind of different in that regard, different from other social media or the news where it doesn't feel like you're well, I mean, I know they're real people, but I don't feel as connected, like, to people on the news or other social media like I do with the people here because it feels like you're in real conversations, like you're on the phone with someone.…"


"…I many invites you, but there are some people that I remember that are, from my perspective, newer, but I remember about them. I remember their backgrounds or the stories or the things that they shared, but I don't necessarily remember either the username or even a portion of the username to be able to tag them in that way. So having the switch option was really handy. So I'm torn on it. But yeah, I feel similarly.…"



"…But I also wish I could add into the caveat of all those invites that there's no expectation or pressure of any kind. I just threw it out there as if it might be something people were interested in. So please don't feel like you have to respond. There is no pressure whatsoever. And please, I hope your car works out well and everything goes movely and the bill isn't too big.…"



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"…And I know sometimes the purpose of people using platforms such as Swell is to just be a fly on the wall, but sometimes I wish that fly could be anamorphic and speak or not anamorphic. I think I'm using the wrong terminology. It's a bigger word than that. But hopefully you get what I'm trying to say. Anyway, thank you and hopefully you continue to enjoy the platform and all of it that it has to offer.…"

Thank you @aBirdieOnaWire


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"…Even though it is listed as a rant, it's useful. Yeah.…"



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"…And yes, the invite thing can be kind of annoying, but I understand that's just what they're pushing here, because it gets the engagement going, it keeps the community flourishing, and h***, it brought you here, right? So I'm not mad at that at all. And hopefully you continue to enjoy yourself and have a good day or a couple of days or weekend or month, whenever you listen to this audio.…"

Thank you. @NotoriousSHE

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"…But if there are those from people you don't know and you don't wish to engage, you're perfectly free to ignore them as well. Obviously, that's not perfect feature, in fact, in general is an app that will keep on evolving, right? So we value your feedback and this kind of input, it really helps us fine tune and make sure it is evolving in the right direction. So please keep your inputs coming and thank you to everyone who contributed in this thread as well.…"

Thanks for the feedback.


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"…And it's kind of frustrating sometimes because it feels like they're always looking but not really engaging. That's Instagram. I think Swell is a different case point. I think sometimes I really enjoy just listening to people. I might even come back to that Swell and share a thought when it comes to me.…"


So Many Invites.

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