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Does Body Count Matter?

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"…And I think some of the ideas we have with women from a male perspective, we think that they can have any guy that they want, which is not true. It's not true. There are men out there who are not interested in a woman, even if she does desire him sexually. We don't all want to bed any single woman out there.…"

Why are women admonished for their sexuality in American Culture?

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"…And your experience of relationships, not necessarily sex, but also relationships, right? Because you've got all these other variables going on. Your experience is so much more limited than mine. Don't you think that I'm at an agent stage where compliments hold no sway with me, there's no currency in flattering me because I know my own worth, right?…"

@FryedOreo Experience in Relationships counts

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"…Because I'm talking about sexuality openly, though often men will often just slip into a sort of sleazy banter, which is not appropriate. I'm talking about these things in an open manner because it's important to have those communications, not because I'm coming on to anybody. I want anybody to come on to me, if that makes sense.…"

@FryedOreo The Conversation matters

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"…One more thing. This is one of my favorite songs by Jesse Ray's. And guess what it's called? Body Count. Enjoy.…"

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"…They actually come onto you in a sexual way because for them, their nature and their nurture, I guess you could say, has taught them that if a woman talks about something sexual, it means she wants to have sex, which is not always the case, most likely isn't the case. So unfortunately, it kind of creates this void, this block where men, out of their sheer naivete and in fear of seeming incompetent, want to lead in the bedroom without actually knowing what you're into.…"

Thank you! 🤣🙏 @GeorgieDee

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"…So I have a question for you. Do you think anybody would care if NBA versus WNBA? I hear this a lot that nobody wants to see that like, so what if the NBA wins? Are we supposed to give them props or high fives? No, we're not going to cheer them on. They shouldn't be playing against a bunch of women. I've had this conversation before at work, and a lot of guys do not want to see NBA versus WNBA.…"

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"…Now, sex, it seems, was meant to procreate, for that is the act back in the day, how kids were made. But we get pleasure from it as well. Imagine if sex was painful. Well, it is painful. Well, let me take that back. Imagine if sex was designed primarily only to procreate. Probably would change our viewpoints on it for all time. But there's so much that is implied with sex. There's a certain power to it.…"

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Does Body Count Matter?

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