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When was the last time you were Jealous?

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"…When was the last time you were happy? When was the last time you talked to someone about the happiness they gave you? I bet a lot of you responded a little easier in relief to the happiness, right? Last time. Jealousy. We tend to feel it's other people's problems, not us. What do we have to be jealous about? But we know truthfully. We do get jealousy. Or do we? Can you recognize when you are jealousy of something?…"

Why do we need jealousy?


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"…Hey, John. How you doing? I've been watching a YouTube lady, I can't remember her name. I'll research a few later who talks about relationships, and she talked about jealousy, and she said, It's desire. She's got this lovely sort of European accent. You know, jealousy is actually just deep desire. You want something that you don't have. And I was like, yeah, bang on, lady. 100%.…"



Georgie Dee

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"…Esther Perel. She's a lady on YouTube who talks about relations.…"

@FryedOreo Esther Perel

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"…Georgie D. Thank you so much for be oh, that's that's that weird. Georgie D, thank you so much for being one of the first to respond to this swell. That almost took 24 hours to get a response. Yes, I checked. What's wrong with the jealousy? What's wrong with it? To human emotion, we experience it. It must be there for some reason, right?…"


Georgie Dee

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"…I like people liking my posts. I like people listening and replying. But it's not the be all and end all. I'm like, yeah, I don't really care if I'm not top of the pops, the whole leaderboard stuff, it's nice. It's nice to be appreciated by other people. But for me, it's more about the connection, right?…"


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"…Then I realized that I got Dee and you couldn't do it. So we have this little one upsman type game that we play with each other. Not for jealousy. Healthy competition. Sword shopping. Sword. As I tell my kids things that he can do makes me want to grind harder, makes me want to get better at certain aspects of my life. So we kind of help push each other, motivate each other to be the best that we could be in all aspects of our life.…"

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"…But yeah, what I had meant is that it's an example of what could be a psychological level, low key level of jealousy, induced jealousy, to incentivize productivity, to incentivize even what you should talk about. Let's say, for instance, someone comes on here and they talk about their favorite catch up, packets of catch up, right? They get no response. Then they go to trending and they see that people are talking about oh, they're talking about health and wellness.…"


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"…But thank pou for responding. Sorry for the late response. I kind of got lost in the sauce of swell at times, and I can forget to respond spawn to a coast, but obviously not in this case.…"


"…It can really be beneficial to your growth if you're able to use that jealousy to you know what? That's what I want, but I'm going to do much bigger. Some people have used their jealousy to improve their financial status, their personal status. Right now, they're more popular. They can go out to the club and attract a lot of people's attention in a positive way, I think, in moderation, jealousy and having pros and cons.…"


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"…They don't want to even bear anyone else out there and the palace we can see on the LinkedIn totally people are posting about their successful events college life, career and everything and there's a toxic positivity also going on over in the Linguist which is not really good for the hills. I also don't feel jealousy about something thing in my life and I think I can't do anything about it. Why should I care about it? Let's just not be getting jealous of anyone in the world.…"

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"…All that long hair, nails, you look like a girl. One of the ways jealousy was externalized, but it was masculine. So it became accepted by the many who had troubles with their femininity. At least that's my thoughts. But anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the subject. Jealousy, oddly enough, is not talked about often. I guess it's one of those feelings people feel. Why even talk about it at all?…"



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